Dr. Keifert’s CV is below.

Curriculum Vitae Highlights


Current Roles

Assistant Professor
Department of Educational Psychology

College of Education
University of North Texas

Additional Roles at University of North Texas
Co-Creator of the Learning Sciences Program in Educational Psychology
College of Education representative to the Women & Gender Equity Network
Member of the Collaborative for UNTOnline Faculty Fellows

Roles in the International Society of the Learning Sciences
Member & Coordinator of the Equitable Participation Working Group
Member of the Annual Meeting Committee + Chair of the Subcommittee for Hybrid Engagement
Previous Member of the Publications Committee


National Science Foundation Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE)
July 2022 – December 2023.
Collaborative Research: Equitable Science Sensemaking: Helping Teacher Candidates Support Multiple Pathways for Learning (ESSe) Project.
Collaborative research with Vanderbilt University (Dr. Heather Johnson, Dr. Andrea Henrie) and the Ohio State University (Dr. Sophia Jeong, PI Dr. Ashlyn Pierson).

Spencer Foundation Small Grant
Principal Investigator
November 2021 – August 203
Learning, Being and Doing (LBD) in Families
Co-developing methodologies for collaborative-observation of existing family practices through partnerships with young children (3-5yrs) and their caregivers. Syncretic approach merging existing family practices and interactional analysis approaches for documenting, interpreting, and sharing about moments of children’s learning, being, and doing contextualized by children and caregivers’ understanding of their own family culture. Exploring multiple video annotations technologies for supporting children and caregivers as co-researchers.

University of North Texas Intramural SEED Grant
Principal Investigator
August 2021-December 2022
Positionality in Practice (PiP)
A design-based research project examining how to support undergraduate pre-service teachers, social workers, early childcare, and future researchers to understand how their own positionality and the positionality of their students/clients impacts their professional practice. This project examines (1) What activities support students’ to engage in conversations about their positionality as it relates to their practice (teaching, service, research)? (2) How can writing assignments support student sensemaking to articulate the role of their positionality in their practice (teaching, service, research)? (3) How do articulations of the role of positionality in practice support students’ sensemaking about key course concepts and skills?

McDonnell Foundation Teachers as Learners Grant
Post-doc (2018-2019), co-authored/designed project
Collaborating Researcher (2019-present)
Representations for Teachers as Learners (RepTaLs)
Co-wrote/designed project with PI Joshua Danish and Co-PI Noel Enyedy. (Additional Co-PIs Hmelo-Silver, Park Rogers, Cross Francis, Goldstone, Landy, Martinez, Johnson, Henrie, Carlone) to support K-5 teachers to integrate diverse representations into phenomenon-first, inquiry-based science learning for students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (e.g., rural/urban, SES, race/ethnicity, immigrant status, first languages).

Awards & Honors

2021 – Journal of the Learning Sciences Reviewer of the Year Award
2021 – NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship Semi-Finalist
2018 – Early Career Workshop, ICLS
– Educational Sciences Certificate
2014 – Division C Graduate Student Seminar, AERA
2014 – Doctoral Consortium, ICLS
2012 – Best Student Paper Award, ICLS
2010 – MPES Fellowship (2010-2013), IES Training Grant to Northwestern University
2003 – Joel Dean Social Sciences Research Grant, Swarthmore College

Professional History

Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Psychology, College of Education, University of North Texas
Post-doctoral Researcher & Instructor, Vanderbilt University, Department of Teaching and Learning
Post-doctoral Researcher, UCLA, Graduate School of Education & Information Studies
Post-doctoral Researcher, Institute for Inquiry at the Exploratorium
Doctoral Student, Northwestern University Learning Sciences Program
Middle School Math & Science Teacher, Advisor, Rodeph Sholom School
Volunteer & Intern, Franklin Institute Science Museum, Fels Planetarium
Undergraduate Student, Swarthmore College